We did it!

We have only received a handful of pictures so far, so we will share all pictures at a later date, but we couldn’t wait to share these beautiful highlights of the photobooth. We definitely laughed a lot when looking at all the crazy pictures that were taken in the photobooth.


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Random fun fact

In Flemish the word flamenco means the typical Spanish dance. In Spanish, that is not the case, as the word has three meanings. Flamenco in Spanish means

  1. the typical Spanish dance
  2. the pink bird flamingo
  3. a Flemish person

So be warned, Flemish people, to hear many jokes when telling a Spaniard you are a Flamenco.



Pray to the weather gods

While predicting the weather is a tricky business in Belgium, there are already some weather forecasts from reliable sources available for the big day. (That also means the wedding is coming very very very close now, which is both exciting and slightly nerve-wracking!) So far, it seems that our big day will be cold and rainy. Like most Belgian summer days, according to Manolo.

Luckily, Belgium is not Sevilla, and weather predictions are often completely wrong. So we hope you will pray to the weather gods/light a candle/do a dance (whatever floats your boat) for good luck on our big day!

We know we will be refreshing the web page with the weather predictions like two maniacs until it makes some better predictions.


max temp


Locura de miel

As you all know, we are not only planning a wedding, we are also planning a crazy trip. So how is it going with that? As with this whole PhD-wedding-crazytrip experience, progress is slow but steady.

We started doing filling out pages and pages of paperwork, and succesfully obtained a visa for Mongolia. Now we only need a visa for Russia and China before we can leave Belgium. We have also booked our plane tickets to Saint Petersburg and have started booking some trains across Russia. We are leaving on the 14th of July! Finally, we have also bought half of all the stuff in the A.S. Adventures shop of Wavre. They probably know our names by now.


Our first train ticket for the Trans-Siberian!
Picking up our visas at the Mongolian embassy.