Our story

2010: Manolo and Sophie meet in Berkeley.

2013: Manolo and Sophie meet again in Sevilla.

2013: Sophie asks Manolo to be her boyfriend.

2013: Manolo decides to move to Belgium.

2013: Sophie freaks out. But then she is happy.

2014: Manolo and Sophie move in together and they do not kill each other.

2014: Manolo decides to grow a mushroom on his head. To this day, his mother-in-law thinks he’s going to go to hell for this sin.

2015: Sophie abandons Manolo for five months to go work in South Carolina.

2015: Manolo comes to the US, and gets down on one knees to propose. Sophie says yes!

2016: Sophie flees to Geneva for 4 months to reconsider the wedding.

2017: Manolo cries and begs her to come back.

2017: Manolo and Sophie get married and throw the most awesome party ever. Or at least that’s the plan.

2017: Manolo and Sophie have the adventure of a lifetime backpacking in Asia.

2017: Manolo and Sophie live happily ever after.