Locura de miel


What better way to start a marriage, than by traveling together for 8 months?


What started out as a crazy idea, has now developed into a real – maybe still crazy – trip. We started off on the 14th of July in St. Petersburg, and then have ourselves a train adventure through Russia, Mongolia and China. After wandering around in China for a while, we will go explore South East Asia, with it’s mystic temples (Myanmar), delicious food (Thailand), magnificent elephants (Laos) and beautiful rice fields (Vietnam). After that, we’ll take a plane to India. We end our trip in Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


This is how our itinerary will look like. Or at least more or less – there is always some room for the universe in our lives!


Russia: July 14 – August 10
Mongolia: August 10 – September 8
China: September 8 – November 7
Vietnam/Thailand/Laos/Cambodia/Myanmar: November 7 – mid January
India: mid January – beginning of March
Iran: beginning of March



Random fun fact: we will be visiting some of the biggest countries in the world. Russia is the biggest country in the world, China number 4, India number 7, Iran number 18 and Mongolia number 19. Add also that we met each other in the USA (number 2) and Manolo came to visit Sophie in Canada (number 3), we will have covered a lot of ground together!