Have you ever met a person that is as silly, adventurous and weird as you? We have.


Both born with a serious dose of wanderlust, Sophie and Manolo decided to emba rk on a 8-month backpacking adventure through Asia after they promised each other a life full of love, silliness and adventures in Meetkerke (Belgium) on July 1, 2017.

Originally from Spain, a scout and an engineer, Manolo brings passion, great map reading abilities, and a whole range of practical skills to the relationship. Originally from Belgium and holding a PhD in Economics, Sophie brings creativity, language skills, a que-sera-sera mentality and an amazing ability to get lost anywhere to the relationship.

Equipped with a backpack of 10 kg each, a lot of playfulness and a hunger for random adventures, we embarked on our honeymoon very early in the morning on July 14, 2017. Come join us!

Sophie y Manolo

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