One more thing done

These last weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. Whoever thought that planning a wedding while finishing a PhD, getting a driving license and planning an 8-month honeymoon was a good idea, should maybe reconsider that statement because there are only 24 hours in one day (hint: the person is commonly known under the name starting with “S” and ending on “ophie”).

Luckily, we got to cross off some more items of our to do list:

  • Sophie finished her PhD manuscript and got it printed. It’s all still quite unreal.
  • Manolo and Sophie went suit shopping. Oh boy, was that an adventure… Who knew there were so many different shades of black, blue and white. That’s why in the end Manolo decided to go for something completely different. A Belgium suit, anyone? Or how about a camouflage suit for a wedding? What do you think?
  • Sophie and Manolo had a lovely dinner with Jan-Pieter, the beer sommelier, to discuss the beer degustation. No doubt it’s going to be epic.
  • We hired a day-of wedding coordinator to take care of all the details on the big day, so we can just enjoy the moment.
  • Manolo and Sophie went to have a look at the bed and breakfast where they will get dressed and have their first look. It is even more perfect than they imagined.
  • Manolo had a tiny panic attack because of an issue with the transportation (okay, that was not on the to do list). But as always, we’ll find a solution.


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